Scourged & Crucified

8.7% abv hoppy;

lots of oats and lots of hops

Do Not Reproduce

6.66% abv hoppy;

citra, galaxy, peacharine 

Shaggy Dog Story

5.5% abv hoppy;

ella, citra, calypso, & madagascar vanilla | congratulations christina and steven :) 

We Will Always Love You

7.4% abv hoppy;

8#/bbl of my favorite australian hops 

Remove Your Skin Please

7.5% abv hoppy;

new zealand cascade wp, 8#/bbl of cryo hops in the dry hop 

Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven

8.5% abv stout;

brewed with lactose. conditioned on madagascar vanilla and rojo's coffee. thanks for the help, Lauren!  

Swim Inside the Solar Sea

8.0% abv hoppy;

phantasm, citra, galaxy, nelson sauvin 

Daughter of Hatred

7.0% abv hoppy;

amarillo, nectaron, citra 

A Second Summer of Splinters

6.4% abv hoppy;

motueka in the whirlpool. 100% mosaic lupomax for the dry hop.  

The Seer Returns

15.0% abv stout;

brewed with lactose. fermented with dark maple syrup. conditioned atop coffee and vanilla. aged on apply brandy soaked ex-bourbon barrel staves. 

Somewhat Taciturn

7.4% abv hoppy;

motueka, peacharine, simcoe

Beware the Living

8.5% abv hoppy;

citra, nectaron, motueka.
'top of the hops' homebrew competition winner

Reckless Sorcery

15% abv stout;

brewed with lactose. fermented with maple syrup. conditioned atop banana, marshmallow, peanut butter, & vanilla

Reaping the Acreage

4.0% abv pseudo-lager;

oslo kviek, belgian pilsner malt, flaked corn, and malted oats